St. George’s Day at The Coachmakers Arms – Hanley

We’re celebrating England’s patron saint, Saint George on Sunday 23rd April.

We’re offering a traditional, classic, English pint of Bass for the bargain price of just £2.80.

We open at 1pm and will have the offer on until we close at 11:30pm.

Here’s a brief history of St. George.

He was born in the Third century AD over two thousand miles away from England in Turkey in an area known back then as Cappadocia.

He was believed to be an Officer in the Roman Army, rather than the knight in shining armour as he is often portrayed today.

He is thought to have died in Lydda (modern day Israel) in the Roman province of Palestine in AD 303. It is believed that his tomb was in Lod and was a centre of Christian pilgrimage.

George is the patron saint of many other countries too, these include Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Portugal and the Spanish regions/municipalities/ cities of Catalonia, Alcoy, Aragon and Cáceres.

It’s celebrated on 23 April, which is the traditionally accepted date of the saint’s death in the Diocletianic Persecution.

Despite recent indifference to St. George’s Day, celebrations have been encouraged by the Royal Society of St. George and English Heritage

The indifference is due in the main to people claiming George was an obscure, non English born, figure that has no direct connection to England. Saint George displaced England’s previous patron Saint Alban 400 years ago and actually topped a recent poll ran by BBC Radio 4 on the topic.

St. George’s Day at The Coachmakers Arms – Hanley 2019

Come and join us to raise a glass to our Patron Saint, who is now more representative of our rich, diverse culture than he’s ever been.

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